Monthly Archives: December 2020

SQLSaturday is dead, long live DataSaturdays

This is a very brief post to inform you that PASS has died, killed by the for-profit company behind it.

That’s sad beyond words, but we, as a community, are not destined to the same fate. The community will rise again and build something new.

One of the things that we don’t want to lose is SQLSaturday. It’s been a substantial vehicle for involving community members locally and globally. It has been the launchpad for many community speakers. It has been the opportunity for many people to connect with other community members, share their knowledge and learn something new. Connect, share, learn… that sound familiar, right?

We don’t want to take the existing SQL Saturday and give it a new name, we want to start a new community initiative that enables us to continue delivering events. It needs to be a platform that allows us to continue doing what we were doing.

Do you want to be involved? Here’s what you can do:

There are many aspects that we need to cover and we know we’re not perfect right now. Please bear with us, we want to improve.

The main message here is that we need your help to continue running events for people to share, network and learn. A name a just a name and there’s more that identifies our community.

Come and help us, be a part of the solution