Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Spaghetti-Western Database

Today I noticed in my WordPress site stats that somebody landed on this blog from a search engine with the keywords “spaghetti dba”.

I found it hilarious that somebody was really searching for me that way, and I performed the search on Google to see how this blog would rank.

The third result from Google made me chuckle: The Spaghetti-Western Database Trailer. And here is the video showing on that page:

Awesome. I love Spaghetti-Western movies and I love databases, I couldn’t ask for more!

The video is a trailer to the site and… Oh! Wait: is that a NoSQL database? #fail

Setting up linked servers with an out-of-process OLEDB provider

A new article on SQLServerCentral today: Setting up linked servers with an out-of-process OLEDB provider.

I had to struggle to find the appropriate security settings to make a commercial OLEDB provider work with out-of-process load and I want to share the results of my research with you.

It took 50 hours of Microsoft paid support to partially solve the issue and a huge time spent on Google and MSDN to find a complete resolution. I hope this can help those that will have to face the same issue some day.