The Spaghetti-Western Database

Today I noticed in my WordPress site stats that somebody landed on this blog from a search engine with the keywords “spaghetti dba”.

I found it hilarious that somebody was really searching for me that way, and I performed the search on Google to see how this blog would rank.

The third result from Google made me chuckle: The Spaghetti-Western Database Trailer. And here is the video showing on that page:

Awesome. I love Spaghetti-Western movies and I love databases, I couldn’t ask for more!

The video is a trailer to the site and… Oh! Wait: is that a NoSQL database? #fail

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  1. guilty…found you through twitter from my droid and wanted to read your blog, which is now a subscription ;), from my desktop so i used google because im WAY too lazy to type a FULL url

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