I’m an MVP: now what?

microsoft-mvpToday when I checked my mailbox I found an amazing surprise: I joined the ranks of the Most Valuable Professionals for SQL Server!

I am honoured to join a community of people that I highly respect and have always been my inspiration. The MVPs I had the pleasure to meet are a model to strive for: exceptional technical experts and great community leaders that devote their own time to spread their knowledge. I have never considered myself nearly as good as those exceptional people and receiving this award means that now I have to live up to the overwhelming expectations that it sets.

So, now what? 

This award maybe means that I’m on the right track. I will continue to help the community with my contribution, hoping that somebody find it useful in the journey with SQL Server. I will continue to spread whatever I know about SQL Server and all the technologies around it with my blog posts, my articles and my forum answers. I will continue to speak at conferences, SQL Saturdays and technology events around me.

The award opens new possibilities and new ways to contribute and I won’t miss the opportunity to do more!

I am really grateful to those who made it happen, in particular the exceptional people at sqlservercentral.com, where my journey with the SQL Server community began many years ago.

A huge thank you goes also to the Italian #sqlfamily that introduced me to speaking at SQL Server events.

And now, let’s rock this 2015!

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  1. Absolutely awesome, ol’ friend! Very well deserved!

  2. Congratulations! Nicely done.

  3. Congrats – Very well done.

  4. Congratulations! To me, the news was that you still weren’t an MVP!

  5. I just visited your blog by searching something else from SQL world. I really loved all your blogs, so I kept on reading all your articles and it’s really nice to see you’ve covered everything and the thoughts behind it. I think this is essential irrespective of your role as DBA or Architect or a SQL Developer. Much appreciated and well deserved to be MVP

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